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If you are new to Neurotechnology we invite to check out our introductory EEG module. It covers core-concepts and is designed to give you the fundamentals needed to understand the domain.


Our slack is the best place to talk to others in the community. We have multiple active channels that cover different aspects of Neurotechology. They can help answer any questions that you may have.

Upcoming Events

Apr2820176:00 PM EDT

HackNight - Neuroservo

Organized by: NeuroTechMTL

We are having a small HackNight this Friday to work on projects for some of our upcoming events (e.g. Interactive Demos - Art Related) ************************** We expect that people showing up are already on a team or familiar with the BCI programming. ************************** We will be offering a special Night this week Neuroservo @ntremblay_neuroservo Will be joining us bringing 6 devices and devkit for us to hack.We need qualified experienced BCI geeks to hack the $**t out of it with OpenVibe since we helped developing the Driver.

May620174:00 PM EDT

Build Your Own Neural Experiments

Organized by: NeuroTechVAN

Working with brain computer interfaces can seem intimidating to beginners. But fear not. NeuroTechX will introduce our Vancouver members to neural data with a world class work shop. It will be short, sweet, and at the end of it a non technical individual should be able to: - Understand the basic underlying theories of EEGs and human brain waves. - Set up EEG hardware ( are our partners and we shall use their awesome chipset. These are easy to use and designed with the novice hacker in mind.)  - Work with EEG software. Extract neural data to visualize your own brain waves. We will be using It is a drag and drop program that allows one to quickly prototype neural software. - Analyze and manipulate EEG data. Build your own neural experiments and start to do some real science. After the workshop, we will go for beer/nachos and have an round table discussion regarding neurotechnology and potential experiment ideas. Great time to find like minded people, what better way to foster collaboration then a pint of good suds.  Feature Presenter: - Pat Coleman is an avid neural hacker and researcher at the University of British Columbia. He was a senior software engineer at Google and he has also worked for Facebook. In addition to his academic pursuits, Pat is currently driving innovation in the neurotech industry. Pat's blog, <a></a>  Host: - Benjamin Tam is a neurotech entrepreneur at Anarch Technologies, a Vancouver  based startup. They are transforming the education system by accelerating human academic learning.  NeuroTechX Vancouver is starting our new monthly speaker series. This upcoming workshop will kickstart the first of this speaker series. We aim to introduce neurotechnology to Vancouver by regularly showcasing domain experts in this new and exciting field of brain computer interfaces. 

May2520175:30 PM EDT

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