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If you are new to Neurotechnology we invite to check out our introductory EEG module. It covers core-concepts and is designed to give you the fundamentals needed to understand the domain.


Our slack is the best place to talk to others in the community. We have multiple active channels that cover different aspects of Neurotechology. They can help answer any questions that you may have.

Upcoming Events

Jun3020174:00 PM EDT

BrainBrowse - In Partnership With Toronto Hacker Club

Organized by: NeuroTechTO

Hosted by the Toronto Hacker Club and NeuroTechTO, BrainBrowse is a four-hour workshop to inform high school students about neuroscience and neurotech. We start off with a one-hour lecture on neurotech from a researcher. Followed by one and a half hours of hands-on tutorials and experiments with the Muse headband to collect brain signal data. Last but not least, we will gather about ten interesting demos by companies and hackers from the GTA to show high school students the cutting-edge research and products of neurotech and biometrics. This event would be a great opportunity for high school students to learn about neurotech and its implications, get hands-on experience with biometric collection, and network with professionals. *** About TorontoHackerClub: The Toronto Hacker Club is a student-run organization that aims to promote technology education throughout the Greater Toronto Area. To date, we have hosted three hackathons and three workshops in partnership with a variety of influential companies, such as Google, Mozilla, and RBC. The Toronto Hacker Club has also been awarded the "Building Community through Sciences and Technology Award" by the Toronto Youth Cabinet. More info:

Jul420175:30 PM EDT

NeuroTech Buzz in Review

Organized by: NeuroTechMTL

NeuroTechMTL, it is time we get together to review the latest buzz around neurotechnology! With Elon Musk & Facebook announcing their neurotech projects, it has generated lots of buzz. Let’s talk about what happened in 2016-2017. Doors open at 17h30, the presentations begin at 18h00 sharp and the event will wrap up at 20h00. Be on time! We’ll have the chance to hear Doctor Etienne de Villers Sidani, neurosurgeon and researcher at the Montreal neurological institute (MNI) affiliated with McGill, who will talk about brain plasticity, cognitive enhancement and invasive neurotechnologies. For the second part we’ll review what happened in 2016-2017. If you don’t have the time to follow the field of neurotechnology 24/7 like Yannick Roy, just attend his short presentation and you’ll summarize what you need to know. An event dense in content! An event that will let you speechless or rather with a ton to discuss. Thanks to WeWork for sponsoring the venue! Amazing coworking space, now with 2 locations in Montreal. WeWork is a community of creators that aims to help companies grow by providing them with not just beautiful space, but also the benefits, amenities, and professional community they need to focus on their business. Visit our website to set up a tour today!  — NeuroTechMTL, il est temps de se réunir pour discuter de ce qui s'est passé récement dans le domaine fascinant des neurotech! Les annonces de Elon Musk et Facebook avec leur projet en neurotechnologie ont fait couler beaucoup d'encre. Discutons des highlights de 2016-2017.  L’ouverture des portes aura lieu à 17h30, les présentations débuteront à 18h00 et l’événement se terminera à 20h00. Nous aurons la chance d’avoir le docteur Etienne de Villers Sidani neurochirurgien et chercheur à l’institut neurologique de Montréal, affilié à l’université McGill qui nous parlera (entre autre) de la plasticité du cerveau, de l’augmentation cognitive et les neurotechnologies invasives. Nous aurons ensuite un tour d’horizon des neurotechnologies en[masked] en rafale. Si vous n’avez pas le temps de suivre les neurotech 24/7 comme Yannick Roy le fait, venez simplement voir sa courte présentation qui vous résumera ce que vous devez savoir. Un événement dense en contenu! Un événement qui vous laissera probablement sans mot. Ou plutôt avec pleins d’idée de discussions. Merci à WeWork de nous offrir l’espace pour l’événement. Un coworking space incroyable avec maintenant 2 locations à Montréal. WeWork offre à son réseau international de créateurs l’espace de travail, la communauté, et les services dont ils ont besoin afin qu'ils s'épanouissent non seulement dans leur travail, mais aussi dans leur vie. Cliquez ici pour visiter nos espaces dès maintenant! Venue Sponsor: Here is our[masked] Calendar:

Jul2020176:30 PM EDT

Big Data Neuroscience

Organized by: NeuroTechBOS

Tentative Schedule: • 6:30-7:00pm: Networking and refreshments • 7:00-7:30pm: Russell Hanson, Assistant Professor at Icahn Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology at Mount Sinai • 7:30-8:00pm: Jorg Scholvin, Postdoc, Boyden Lab, MIT • 8:00-8:30pm: Chris Chronopoulos, Project Manager, LeafLabs LLC • 8:30-9:30pm: Networking More talk details to come.

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